We all have a part to play in saving our planet from the ongoing and increasing dangers of the climate crisis. Here are the changes we’re making to help DOTI Fest be an environmentally responsible event.

We purposely chose a venue that has excellent transport links in the hope that the vast majority of our attendees will come by public transport. The Oval Space is 10 minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube and a stone’s throw from Cambridge Heath overground. 

There are bike racks available at and around the venue.
Reducing waste

We’re not fans of leaving events with bagfuls of disposable merchandise. We’ve put real thought & care into the materials, energy and use of any physical items we’ve made for DOTI Fest.

Oval Space are going plastic free, and water will be available throughout, so please bring your own bottle/cup.

There are recycling points available throughout. This year there will also be a dedicated Snook team on the floor to ensure that everyone knows where to recycle their waste.